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Glorious Management and Nick Helm proudly present…

Helm’s Angels.

What’s that? Nick Helm should have a comedy club? And he should call it Helm’s Angels? Well you’re in luck!
Glorious Management and Nick Helm ran an intimate evening of comedy at London’s prestigious POLPO. TV’s Nick Helm performed all the stuff he couldn’t do on much-loved sitcom, Uncle. Nick was joined by some of his comedy chums hand-picked from all those available that didn’t have something better to do each month of the limited run.


These were a limited run of shows that have now ended.


The Soho Room at Polpo Ape and Bird, 142 Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho, London

Helm’s Angels. October 2015

Helm’s Angels. September 2015

Helm’s Angels. July 2015

Helm’s Angels. June 2015

Helm’s Angels. May 2015


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