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Thursday 30 January 2014 The Guardian

Last Night’s TV

Sam Wollaston The Guardian, Thursday 30 January 2014

….There’s a better family sitcom currently on elsewhere – Uncle on BBC3 (you pretty much have to go beyond two for a BBC laugh now, House of Fools being the exception).

Uncle also celebrates generational differences and misunderstandings, but much more joyously. The uncle (played by Nick Helm) is disastrous but weirdly likable; the kid is nerdy and lovely.
They have adventures, it’s more outrageous, bolder, more inappropriate, darker, quirkier (there’s singing).
And – crucially – funny.
Which Outnumbered isn’t. Maybe once I chuckled to myself, when Pete and his elder son were accusing each other of being racist.
That’s it, though. And yet it’s adored by literally every other critic and it’s won a ton of awards.

They’re wrong though and I’m right…..